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and rain are lashing the north carolina coast right now. and storm warnings are in effect all the way up to maine. >> but as the storm spins toward new england, is the worst still to come? the latest news coverage on where earl is now and where it's going. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm mike marusarz, in for vinita nair. wind and rain from hurricane earl is pounding north carolina's outer banks, with gusts of more than 70 miles per hour, plus, 20-foot waves. >> here, now, is the very latest. the storm is still powerful. but has weakened now to a category 2. long island and new england are now bracing for earl, with power crews as far away as michigan, now on alert. and many transit agencies have a canceled or altered their routes today. >> the storm is sending huge bands of rain inland, as it spins up the coast like a buzz saw. we'll have more from marc mancuso, in a moment. >>> let's go live to emily schmidt, who is in atlantic beach, this morning. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. we, for the last half hour or so, have been in the one of
86 in portland. 91 in boise. >>> fema has prepared for hurricane earl in north carolina. the agency sent trucks to ft. bragg loaded with supplies, including food and water. those supplies can be sent th anywhere in the carolinas or virginia as needed. meanwhile, in massachusetts, fema's teams are very busy there too ahead of the storm. >>> national guard crews were at the ready in north carolina ahead of the storm's arrival. last-minute checks were done to a giant hoist that could lift about 600 pounds. on top of that, blackhawk crews made sure their helicopters were prepared to fly. >> despite the warnings two sailors in charleston, south carolina, decided to try their luck against earl. not a good idea. the two men had to jump out just before a huge wave smashed their craft against the pilings. they were not hurt. >>> of course our coverage of hurricane earl does not end here. later this half hour, much more from the north carolina coast. later on "america this morning" and "good morning america," more live reports all on the storm. >>> and turning to other news on this friday mor
away from hitting the mid-atlantic shoreline. the governors of maryland, virginia and north carolina have declared states of emergencies. thanks for joining us this morning, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> let's go right to weather. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> we are checking out the latest on earl. earl has gotten stronger. it really increased strength yesterday. it surpassed that. this morning's advisory from the national hurricane center, showing 145 mile-per-hour winds. a very clear distinct eye now. roughly 30 miles across. the wind field of tropical storm force winds extends 230 miles away. which means if the center of the storm is 230 miles away from ocean city, they'll still get tropical storm force winds. the one good thing here is that the passage of earl off the coast will be the weaker side of the storm. usually the right side with forward motion. the worst part of the storm is out to sea. the beaches under a tropical storm warning. winds averaging between 40 and 60 miles per hour this time tomorrow into the early part of the afternoon. waves probabl
know that he's coming. >> earl the storm has come along the north carolina outer banks and is now tracking up the east coast. >>> i'm joce sterman as we are getting the first daylight looks at the ocean getting infencive out here. we're seeing the wind pick up and we've seen it all in the last 24 minute oz are so. we're seeing a lot of people in ocean city who stuck around to see what this is all about. they are coming out of their hotel rooms and getting their first look at the waves. we've been watching the waves. it is really starting to get nasty out here. everyone is wonderle will it get much worse? we'll keep you posted with the details as they happen. back to you. >> reporter: i'm linda so live at bwi airport monitoring the flights for delays or cancellations because of hurricane earl. what you need to know. >>> "good morning, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story we've been talking about since 4:00 this morning, hurricane earl and the driving gusts driving rains and churning through north carolina and starting to be felt in southern parts of
news coverage on "world news now," hurricane earl hit north carolina's coast last night as a category 2 storm, and now there's a state of emergency in parts of the northeast. >> for sure. we should also mention we're showing on our screen this morning satellite images of the storm as it now is. earl makes its way up the eastern seaboard as well, satellite map there for you as well as a crawl there. the very latest on the storm information. >> which is important because this storm is moving and we are trying to figure out exactly who is next. but we know north carolina in the brunt of it overnight. >> exactly, exactly. and abc's steven portnoy joins us now from kill devil hills, north carolina, with the very latest on what the storm is doing there. hi, steve. >> hey, good morning, guys, from kill devil hills, a city just south of kitty hawk, just north of nags head. it's been relatively easy going this morning. we're not yet seeing the full brunt of the worst winds from earl although it's tracking right up along the eastern shore of north carolina. right now i'd say wind gusts are close
. maximum sustained winds 110 miles-an-hour. it is fewer than 160 miles from cape hatteras, north carolina. the storm is expected to pass near the outer banks within the next few hours packing hurricane force winds that extend 70 miles from the storm's center. nasa has been using photographs for the last four days. you can see how the storm has been growing and rolling closer to the coast and closer to north carolina. the first strong bands of rain have already started to hit outer banks of north carolina. it is hit and miss you know how those bands go. today police went door-to-door to make sure everybody had received evacuation notices because the state's governor warned once the storm hits folks who decided to stay are pretty much on their own. we have extensive team fox coverage throughout the night. rick leventhal on the east end of long island in montauk. monitoring the storm, first jonathan serrie in north carolina. i'm told the winds are come and go? >> reporter: they are indeed. the winds are picking up and continue to pick up at a slow, but stable pace. you said it was hit and mi
are on hurricane earl. it is becoming dangerously close, and people from north carolina to massachusetts should keep a careful watch on of the storm. >> as hurricane earl move in closer to the coast, visitors in at-risk areas of the outer banks are being told to move out. for theill be a offshore and to lessen the threat or make a direct impact on the outer banks. >> mandatory evacuations are in place for island's only accessible by a very. there is a hurricane watch from north carolina to virginia. concerns struck all the way to cape cod. families are waiting into the water, perhaps a final tip before conditions take a turn for the workers. >> we want people to stay out of the water as the storm passes by. less well is starting to build. later on, the swee -- the swell is starting to build. later on, it will be extremely unsafe. >> it stretches from the outer banks all the way to maine. at the current models will come out the storm could brush the outer banks in the next -- if the current models hold, the storm could brush the outer banks and the next 24 hours. >> local officials are getting
that eye will stay offshore. >> scott dean meteorologist down there in north carolina. scott we'll be watching that area very closely tomorrow night as the storm gets there first before coming up here toward maryland. thanks so much for that report there live in kill double. >> you bet you. >> we'll be back with more with abc 2 news. stay with us. . >>> all up and down the eastern seaboard are bracing as hurricane earl continues to blaze its way toward the cold front. good evening i'm roosevelt leftwich. north carolina has declared a state of emergency tonight. pristine beaches and crash of breathtaking waivers up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. earl is expected to make his way to maryland. north carolina looks like his first stop. that's where t. j. is on hurricane earl's path a holiday weekend for many could go up in the wind. >> reporter: pristine beaches and the crash of breathtaking waves belies what millions up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. hurricane earl a massive category 3 storm looms 700 miles so
northcom northwest, injured rushed the outer banks of north carolina -- track north, northwest, and should rest of the banks of north carolina. j. gray has more from north carolina. >> thick clouds are flowing along the outer banks, a clear sign that earl is on the way. on the beach, some are digging in the last minute fund before the storm moves in. many have started giving out. >> we have a house down there for a week, and unfortunately, we have to leave it. we have no choice. >> evacuation orders are in effect in several counties along the coast. the red cross has already opened a dozen shelters, at two dozen more on high alert. >> earl is a dangerous storm and not to be taken for granted. >> this shows just how massive the system is. a major hurricane hundreds of miles off the coast. >> it can be dangerous, because this hurricane -- mother nature has a fickle way of doing things. >> forecasters believed it could be close enough to deliver tropical storm or even hurricane-force winds. dangerous conditions that will likely start to develop in the outer banks this evening for several days
see it off the north carolina coastline. that's an impressive storm. we're not going to get the peak of the storm in maryland. we'll be on the weaker side, the storm is pulling away from the coast. in the beaches, tropical storm warning, on average, 40 to 60 miles per hour sustained winds at the worst part of this storm will be, when we wake up, this time tomorrow morning. through around lunch time. waves probably going to be 10 to 20 feet. churning up the chesapeake bay as well. because of the push of water and because of the wind flow, there's a coastal flood advisory for the western shores of the chesapeake. aberdeen, down towards annapolis, this isn't isabel. nothing of this sort, but there'll be high water and there'll be low tidal flooding. we're watching a tropical satellite and essentially, there you can see raven -- rain bands pushing into sea. sunshine with a few clouds strolling in across the southern sky, outer edges of the system. baltimore, hardly any impact from earl today or tomorrow. two-degree guaranteed high reaching 92 this afternoon by 4:00 p.m. more on earl's fo
and heavy rain to north carolina's outer banks. from there, forecasters say it could curve away from the coast as it makes its way north, perhaps hitting massachusetts, cape cod, on friday night and saturday. bill karins will have much more on earl in a few minutes. >>> here is a look at other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, throw people taken to the hospital when the car they were in ended up in the bottom of the swimming pool. the 73-year-old driver hit a van and smashed through a fence of a nearby home. one is in serious condition. >>> police hope this newly released video helps them catch a brazen thief. a woman entered a church and took a purse, right in the middle of services. the woman is wanted on charges of grand lars. >>> and drivers on interstate 277 in north carolina could get caught heading into indepednence boulevard instead of independence boulevard. department of transportation says the huge misspelling is the manufacturers' fault, but state workers didn't notice the goof before the sign went up. and now for a look at national and rejogiona
. tropical storm force winds and driving rains are hitting north carolina this morning. meanwhile, the northeast is preparing for earl as well with a state of emergency already declared in some areas. welcome back, everybody. the east coast has been preparing for this storm all week. as earl ruined many holiday plans across the east coast. >> the outer banks on the coast of north carolina is earl's first target. for its impact there, here's "american landscape" coverage from raleigh-durham's wtvd. >> for breaking news, abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. >> breaking news. hurricane earl weakens but it's still a powerful storm. with 105-mile-per-hour winds. the category 2 hurricane is off the coast of north carolina right now and the outer banks should feel the effects into the wee hours of the morning. >> take a look at this new eyewitness video just in to us. big waves from earl crashing onto the pier in surf city. in oslo county. and there are dozens of people standing on the pier watching it as it happens. >> tonight we are live up and down t
the labor day holiday. >> the first evacuations have been ordered for island residents off north carolina but the category 3 storm is making its way across the caribbean towards the u.s. here is emily schmidt. >> reporter: this is from the international space station 200 miles above the earth. and this? >> people feel we're getting time for the big one. >> reporter: is the worry on the east coast. it's been 20 years since a hurricane this big threatened so much of the eastern seaboard. there's already a hurricane watch in north carolina. officials are preparing evacuations. >> it's too close to the coast not to be ready to go. >> reporter: some summer tourists plan to listen. >> i've always left when they said it was coming. >> reporter: earl's glancing blow to small caribbean islands left plenty of damage, with no reports of injuries. still, it is enough to prompt preparations from the carolinas to new england. >> we're telling people keep that weather eye, set your options early, and be prepared. >> on long island people are picking up anything that could fly in hurricane force winds. o
amount. many people are wondering if they can reschedule their treip. >> they say the north carolina is closing. rb going to follow suit? things of that nature -- are we going to follow suit? things of that nature. >> we have our plans in place internally in that the city. we are ready to clean up quickly after the weekend and be ready for business. >> the ocean city emergency operation center will be opening at four o'clock tomorrow morning to keep a closer eye on the storm. we will have an update for you at 11:00 tonight. >> thank you. when a storm like hurricane earl heads this way, residents of eastern baltimore county cannot help but think of what tropical storm isabel did to their homes. it was devastating. while hurricane earl is not expected to cause problems, for people who have seen the worst, better safe than sorry. >> i remember tropical storm isabelle. when she hit, but it this way. where i am standing, water was waist deep. back in 2003, it was the storm surge from hurricane isabelle that caused flooding and property damage all around the state. one of the hardest-hit a
. coastal communities are not out of the woods just yet. we go live to atlantic beach, north carolina, but we want to begin with adam caskey in ocean city. bring us up-to-date. >> we are live in ocean city, and this tends to flood first. locals would now read a bit of a wash on the parking lot. -- locals would know. a bit of a wash up on the parking lot. this has been downgraded to category 1 at 11:00 a.m. maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. as expected, it is accelerating now. it is centered 152 miles to the southeast from right here in ocean city. later on this evening, 8:00 p.m., it should be 245 miles to the northeast of ocean city. this should continue to slowly weekend. high tide at 4: 8. we will see these which continue to push up on the beach. -- these waves continue to push up on the beach. really the maximum wind gusts are only about 30 miles per hour. we may see a few slightly higher costs, but we are not anticipating it to get much worse than this. we're anticipating the sunset. where we are really seeing improvement is in north carolina. let's go to atlantic bea
a hurricane watch in north carolina. officials say prepare evacuation plans. >> it's going to be too close to the coast not to be ready to go. >> reporter: some summer tourists plan to listen. >> i've always left when they say it was coming. i left. >> reporter: earl's glancing blow to several small caribbean islands left plenty of damage, though there are no reports of injuries. still, it is enough to prompt preparations from the carolinas to new england. >> we're telling people, keep that weather eye. set your options early. and as always, be prepared. >> reporter: on long island, people are picking up anything that could fly in hurricane-force winds. on cape cod, they're hauling out boats. and police are wading into the water to steer people from waters with rip currents that remain from last weekend's hurricane danielle. >> you can still feel the undercurrent. it's pretty strong. >> reporter: later this morning, president obama is scheduled to have a talk with fema administrators about hurricane preparedness. earl continues to look as if all those preparations will be necessary. rob an
north carolina just in time to ruin labor day plans. >>> again a massive fire erupted another massive platform sending workers into the sea. >>> that'sot to hurt. a motorcyclist is sent somersaulting by a pickup truck in iowa. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> hello. good morning. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with storm surge. the california coast is riding out the effects of hurricane earl this morning while folks in the north are on the watch for hurricanes and tropical force storm winds. earl is expected to whip up dangerous waves and threatening rip tides all along the east coast all throughout the day. kristin dahlgren is in north carolina outer banks with the latest. good morning. >>> good morning, lynn. we've been feeling some of the powerful bands of wind and rain in the last few hours in north carolina's outer banks. wind gusting at 40 to 50 miles per hour. take a look here, you can see the rain literally going sideways through most of this time and the surf is pounding the shore. the waves coming up to the dune lines at times. officials say they will be out
latest from north carolina's outer banks. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lynn. well, for days, there's been speculation over exactly where earl would go, but here's the bottom line. at this point it may not matter that much. those hurricane-force winds extend about 90 miles from the center of earl. tropical storm force winds about 200 miles from the center. so, along much of the coast, things about to get much worse. as darkness fell on the carolina coast, earl strengthened, bringing with it powerful waves but also uncertainty. >> earl's a big unknown. if it stays out to sea, we probably would have been okay and gotten rain. >> reporter: do you board up? >> i haven't yet to this point, but this might be the first. >> reporter: but officials warn that the slightest change could bring a direct hit and that either way, hurricane or tropical storm-force winds are now less than a day away. and so, on parts of the outer banks, mandatory evacuations are under way and watches and warnings in effect from north carolina all the way to new england. a huge stretch of the e
morning. i am lynn berry, and today we begin with states of emergency. north carolina, virginia and maryland are all on the highest level of alert as the east coast braces for the arrival of hurricane earl. even a slight shift in the projected path of what experts are calling an impressive, massive storm could spell disaster for the eastern seaboard. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the very latest from north carolina's outer banks. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lynn. well, for days, there's been speculation over exactly where earl would go, but here's the bottom line. at this point it may not matter that much. those hurricane-force winds extend about 90 miles from the center of earl. tropical storm force winds about 200 miles from the center. so, along much of the coast, things about to get much worse. as darkness fell on the carolina coast, earl strengthened, bringing with it powerful waves but also uncertainty. >> earl's a big unknown. if it stays out to sea, we probably would have been okay and gotten rain. >> reporter: do you board up? >> i haven't yet to
winds of more than 111 miles an hour. the eye now less than 200 miles from cape hatteras, north carolina, and it's outer banks that could be the first to feel the effects of the hurricane before it takes an expected turn to the northeast. warnings and watches are up from north carolina, where at least 100,000 people have been ordered to evacuate the coast; all the way up to the canadian border. as this view from space demstraights, earl is a particularly large hurricane b400 miles across. we have a team of correspondents stationed along the east coast tonight. we begin with kelly cobiella who is in kill devil hills, north carolina. kelly. >> reporter: erica, good evening. the winds here are getting stronger, and the seas, as you can see, are really starting to build along this coastline. many of these beach towns are deserted, with a menacing storm expected to pass within 75 miles of this coastline, even some who decided to stay admit they're a bit uneasy. along the storm-hardened north carolina coast, earl spells worry. business owners are sealing off their stores. >> we have a pretty b
marylanders in north carolina. >>> stay with abc2 news for complete live team coverage as earl moves up the east coast. join us today at 4:00 for a live one-hour special tracking hurricane earl. we'll have live reports at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. tomorrow on good morning maryland starts one hour earlier, we'll be up at 4:00 a.m. and live team coverage will continue throughout the day. get the latest on hurricane earl on your website. you can check up to the minute news, the homepage and everything there is to know about earl. click on the hurricane center. >>> a hostage situation at the headquarters of the discovery channel cable tv network in montgomery county ends with gunfire. james lee was armed with a gun and explosives when he walked into the building yesterday afternoon. he took several hostages for several hours. it ended with a sniper taking out the suspect. the suspect was shot by police officers. the device um, appeared to go off uh, the hostages, there were three hostages, all the hostages are safe. >> the hostages, two employees and a security guard weren't hurt
, it gets shipped armed the world. the drug pipeline that started here and was busted in north carolina. >>> a be trail from within the cheerleading squad. their coach took off with how's of dollars in their -- thousands of dollars in their hard earned money. how she is accused of spending it. >> reporter: they are cheering on the outside but probably hurting on the inside because -- >> this lady who was a cheerleader and the coach stole almost $20,000 from the other cheerleaders. >> reporter: the 23-year-old was contracted to manage the finances. each member contributed about $1,000 to pay for camp, uniforms and other costs. >> she ended up moving -- using all this money for her personal use. trip to las vegas. paid her rent. paid for her food. entertainment. >> reporter: the deputy da told us that she is charged with attitude criminal -- with 29 criminal counts. her public defender entered a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: whatever the financial loss or personal hurt, it hasn't diminished the spirit. >> reporter: one told us they just want to move on. other student, reacted this way.
go again. in the cone of possibility lies north carolina, even up farther north to the cape, it could be nasty. we've got to watch it. >> coming up on a holiday weekend, everyone has big plans. celebrating the end of summer. we'll have thorough coverage on this show and on "good morning america" later on this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz. vinita nair is on vacation. >>> defense secretary robert gates arrived in iraq this morning as u.s. troops are marking a major milestone. >> it is the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq some seven years after that war first began. president obama made the official announcement last night from the oval office. here now is john hendren. >> reporter: the announcement was seven years, five months, 13 days in the making. >> so tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: it wasn't mission accomplished but a suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office. last february i announced a plan that would
>>> right off the top, our big story this morning, hurricane earl is battering north carolina's outer banks. this is video shot just minutes ago from nags head, north carolina and earl is headed our way. let's tax a live look at where that storm is sitting right now. you can see it is huge. it is losing strength but still very powerful. we want to ache a look outside in our area. off in the distance you see the capitol dome. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. without any more hesitation, let's go over to tucker to find out what is happening with earl. it is huge, tuck. >> and it is getting bigger. let's go right back to it. category 2 hurricane. maximum winds, 105 miles per hour. the good news is the eye of the storm will stay just offshore during the next several hours. even though the beach communities from the vines right up to southern new england are going to take a beating, this could be a lot worse as this is a major storm. a lot of cloud cover across the washington area. when you head out this morning, there will be clouds. we'll go pa
>>> evacuations are under way in north carolina as hurricane earl continues its track toward the east coast. >> we'll continue to keep an eye on the storm while emergency officials are expected to give more details on how our area is preparing. fox 5 morning news now continues at 6:00. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning, september 1st already. there is a look at 495 at maryland 193 to get you started today at 6:00. we are glad you're with us early i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. let's talk about earl a little bit more now. evacuations are already under way in north carolina this morning as hurricane earl approaches the east coast. officials ordered all tourists to leave okracoke island starting at 5:00 a.m. this morning. the island's year-round residents are being asked to leave but they do not have to follow the evacuation order. >>> the scene was pretty peaceful along north carolina's outer banks yesterday but the storm is expected to range bring high winds and rains to the area by late thursday, early friday. all right,
populated areas. >> emergency crews have been declared. and emergencies have been declared in north carolina, virginia and maryland. and social security checks have even been mailed early to recipients in ten states. >> right now, the category 4 storm is 400 miles across. it actually picked up speed overnight. it's expected to reach the north carolina coast later today. and that's where emily schmidt is now tracking the latest conditions. what's it like right now, emily? >> reporter: rob and mike, you look at the skies right now. they're clear. you can easily see the stars and the moon. you look behind me at the sea and you can tell there's not much of a breeze. we know the winds will pick up. so, too, will be pace of preparations. you want proof of that? i got it right here. our hotel delivered this letter to everyone. it says there's a mandatory evacuation for tourists on this island. it begins in less than an hour. this is the eye of hurricane earl. an area of calm in the midst of what is a monster category 4 storm. it's threatening more of the east coast than any hurricane in nearly 20 y
's streaming that shot right there. >> reporter: north carolina is just the first stop on this dangerous holiday weekend express. next in its path, montauk, the far eastern tip of new york's long island. a storm that continues to obliterate the calm in north carolina. i'm john berman, in montauk, new york. >> always tough to tell exactly what we're going to see as earl makes its way up the northeast. >> it has weakened. so, a messy weekend for folks on the east coast. still, not as bad as it could have been. that's good news. >> very least, labor day weekend might be a damp one for people around there. >>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more from abc news later on "good morning america" or anytime at >> havab ♪ >>> in the news this friday morning, a major development in an east bay murder spree. police will search a landfill for a missing hercules man. we're learning more about a confrontation police think sparked the rampage. on the peninsula federal aviation investigators will be back at the scene of a plane crash that killed three. the san car
. >> this storm does have people from north carolina to maine hoping it doesn't move any closer to shore and that's the big story this morning on good morning maryland at 9:00. while the storm may stay out to sea, its size means its shorelines will be affected with high surf. >> we'll have all the updates for you. first, we want to go to lanette. >> let's get down to business here, all eyes are on hurricane earl as of now. those winds sustained at 145 miles an hour. check this out. i love this shot. you can see the eye there. so when you can see that eye, oh yes, that's when it is getting its act together and it's moving to the north, northwest. it's going to make that northerly turn and it's going to make that northeasterly turn and we will be feeling the impact. check this out. beaches, tropical storm warning, yes, there is that, for right now, the winds 40 to 60 miles an hour. the waves 10 to 20 feet. on the bay, there is a coastal flood advisory. so check out the tracker here, so hurricane earl, 145. the winds sustained. that momentum is moving north, northwest 16 to 18 miles per hour. 633
are urged not to take this storm lightly. north carolina's outer banks were the first to get hit. the national weather service says waves could reach 18 feet over the next few hours. >> we have live team coverage for you. we are in montoc, new york. our meteorologist in the extreme weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what's it like so far? >> reporter: none of that rain hitting yet. the winds have gotten slightly stronger with gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. they expect the eye of the storm to pass 100 miles offshore here in virginia beach. so they don't expect too much physical damage. 200 national guard troops have been moved to the coastline in case they are necessary and shelters have been set up for as many as 20,000 people. that doesn't look like it's going to happen so far. throughout the day, we saw people boarding up their houses with plywood or hard plastic. but a lot more cureiosity. even righted now, we have a number of people walking along the boardwalk or the beach.
.m. on friday. now hurricane warning covers most of north carolina. we're under a tropical storm warning as is really the entire eastern seaboard but we're were a hurricane watch from rehoboth southward. and thursday night we're looking at small craft advisory. waves 1-3 feet. and from solomon's island and south that is the only place with trouble. we'll come back and detail that and the holiday weekend forecast. >>> as topper said, earl is losing some strength but that doesn't mean folks aren't taking precautions. watches and warnings from north carolina southern border up to nova scoscia. but we're hearing about impacts from florida and massachusetts. we have reports stated in jacksonville, nags head, ocean city tonight and we begin with scott broom. >> reporter: the hurricane watch is up and officials here are preparing for tropical storm conditions. crews in ocean city put up fencing to prevent the sand burying parking lots and the boardwalk. signs and sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. some boat owners are playing it better safe than sorry. >> i think you'll see flooding dow
>>> tonight on "nightline," crashing ashore. hurricane earl blasts the north carolina coast tonight, romming through the out eer banks with waves the size of buildings. we have the latest. >>> paranoia porn? he says the government is poisoning the water supply. nbl was an inside job and mass enslavement is on the horizon. a million people a day hang on his every word. but does he believe his on broadcasts? >>> and, the hot seat. in an exclusive interview, former british prime minister tony blair tells all, touching on everything from clint top and obama to those trappings of power, alcohol and sex. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 2nd, 2010. >> good evening, everyone. hurricane earl is the biggest storm to threaten america's east coast in almost 20 years. and right off the bat, to get a sense if the punch matches the promise, let's go right to nags head, north carolina, that's where abc's steve osunsami is watching earl barrel ashore. steve? >> reporter: bill, we are
coverage across the area from north carolina to baltimore to the eastern shore and ocean city. >> so let's start things off first with meteorologist lynnette charles standing by tracking the hurricane. lynnette? >> good morning, everyone. we are definitely watching hurricane earl. everybody is covered. let me show you what's going on right now because we have the headlines. the beaches, tropical storm warnings. we're trying to find the change. so we no longer have the hurricane watch, just have a tropical storm warning up. the winds 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves about 8 to 15 feet and have a coastal flood advisory for the bay. we'll start to go downhill and already doing that. you can see the temperature hasn't moves a little bit. now's at 76. the dew point is still the same. feels like 82.  the winds have been fluctuating back and forth. this is your maryland's most powerful radar. we can see that powerful hurricane, a category two storm as of now. those bands are definitely getting people wet from the carolinas even into ocean city at this time. so speaking of ocean city, let's
>>> hurricane earl still packed quite a punch as it bears down on north carolina heading straight for new england this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us this friday. of course you want to know what's up with earl. >> meteorologist lynnette charles has the answer. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. happy friday, everyone. what is up with earl? earl is bringing some rain to the carolinas and virginia. as we go through the morning hours once that sun comes up and go into the afternoon, i'd say maybe around 12:00, 1:00, we will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well. so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels li
for the entire north carolina coast within the hour. evacuation's are underway there already. the storm has battered beaches in the caribbean already. we will get the latest on the storm track from adam caskey in a moment. first, courtney robinson has more on a last-minute preparations up and down the east coast. >> hurricane earl churns up the atlantic, residents in the carolinas are bracing for a whatever this massive storm will bring. >> time for the big one. >> hurricane watches are in place in north carolina and virginia. vacationers began to evacuate the outer banks this morning and others are stocking up. on on long island people are securing supplies to battle begins. on cape cod there taking notes out of the water and lodging for dangerous rip currents in ocean city that it already had lifeguards disease. >> it was scary. i never thought i would be in that position. i was scared. but they got me on it. >> emergency crews worry about this. 135 mile per marlihour winds. thousands left in the dark in the caribbean. it is not expected to make direct landfall, but will likely send a hig
will the warm temperatures last? we'll have the forecast, also. >> in north carolina where people here and all along the east coast are bracing for thefects of hurricane earl. we'll have the story coming up. >>> in the santa cruz mountains an accident has been cleared and highway 17 are back open. the truck was carrying an estimated 20 tons of beer. it lost control on a curve south of summit road about 6:00 this morning. the accident closed one side of the highway for about four hours. the truck driver was not hurt but a chp officer said it's likely the driver will get some sort of citation once the investigation is complete. >>> in the first debate aired live here on ktvu bash baskin mackel nicolaus and carly didn't menace words. >> i think the senator must run on her record and the truth is, her record is long and very short on achievement. >> when she was ceo of huet packerred, she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. >> they expressed sharply different opinions on many issues. for example one believes people on the no fly list shouldn't be able to obtain gains but one says it's mis-manged an
? >>> ron mott is standing by for us in kill devil hills, north carolina. the first watch was posted there on the outer banks, north carolina. interesting whether we're talking about best case or worst case scenario, just about every model has it doing something to the north carolina coast on its way by? >> reporter: good evening, brian, you're right, there's a lot of confidence here tonight that earl will behave itself and stay on the projected track away from the land here in north carolina. that does not mean people are taking this storm for granted. the surf is up thanks to hurricane earl, but the fun could be spoiled in coming days as the storm threatens the shore line, potentially impacting tens of millions of americans. fema officials are prepping for the worst. >> any little deviation towards the west could mean the storm striking the coast or impacting the coast enough to require evacuation. >> reporter: already, earl has left painful marks in the caribbean, dumping water and debris in puerto rico and the virgin islands. today on the outer banks of north carolina, it was bus
officials in north carolina plan to wait until daybreak to really see what kind of damage earl brou's outer bank. >> we have live team coverage for you. rick leventhal is in montauk, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >>> what are you hearing? are there people that l
officials in north carolina plan to wait until daybreak to really see what kind of damage earl brought to the state's outer bank. >> we have live team coverage for you. rick leventhal is in montauk, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >> it depends on travel and
the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. storm warnings and watches stretch all the way to canada now. >> and hurricane earl is barrelling up the eastern seaboard, as you can see from the track here. it puts eastern long island as well as new england in the cone of uncertainty, meaning it could go -- as you take a look at the cone shape there, the white, it could go further east or further west. we're talking about long island here, new york, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard later tonight. massachusetts governor duval patrick has declared a state of emergency. >> this storm is no longer what it was, but don't tell that to the people along the carolina coast. hurricane earl is hitting the outer banks hard it heavy rain, wind, and surf. >> we are up and down the east coast this morning. we have our reynolds wolf tracking earl's path from hurricane headquarters in atlanta. susan candiotti is in massachusetts. she's on cape cod for us this morning. >> allan chernoff is in montauk, the far eastern end of long island, which is inside the cone of uncertainty. and breanna is in ocean ci
earl striking north carolina's outer banks. warnings and watches are up along the east coast. high surf, deadly rip currents threaten everybody. we've got live reports from those in earl's path. and then israeli and palestinian leaders are meeting with president obama. can decades-old conflict ever be resolved? they got a one-year deadline. and the former secretary of state, madeleine al bright is here to tell us what's at stake this time. it's all next on "larry king live." all eyes are on hurricane earl, including rob marciano's. the cnn news and weather anchor is in kill devil hills, north carolina. rob, what's the situation right now? >> winds have been increasing. we haven't seen a lot of rain, larry. this storm now a category 2. just over 100 miles to our south and heading in this direction. it will be abreast of my position here at about 2:00 in the morning. so folks here are going to be sweating it out until then. to make sure that it does pass off shore as opposed to making a landfall here on outer banks before it heads up to new england. the forecast is to keep it off shore. w
be a collision course with cavuto and more on earl in a minute with north carolina's governor with evacuations underway and what local governments say unions are doing. in a few words, "sucking them dry." in the case of illinois, have of the state is in the red and making sure they do not declare bankruptcy and as well as harrisburg, pennsylvania, which cannot make a bond agreement but better not thing of going bankrupt. the worry is, they go under and public workers and their pensions go bust, to which one says "tough." well, that seems inevitable if the cities or states go under and they are fighting it tooth and nail. what happens? >>guest: i should say be reasonable and think of a solution. for example, if we cap the retirement age at 65 and we let people retire only at 65 and we cap the pension at 100,000 a year which is a lot of money, twice the average household income, these states would be fine. the problem is, there are thousands and thousands of retired workers in places such as california earning way over $100,000 a year and they can retire around age 50 depending on what they have
>>> closing in. powerful hurricane earl on target to strike the north carolina coast later today. >>> hostage dram mappy a gunman with a grudge against the discovery channel is shot dead by police. >>> and back to the table. the first face-to-face middle east peace talks in nearly two years get under way today in washington. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 2, 2010. >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with hurricane earl, which is expected to strike the north carolina coast later today. president obama has declared a state of emergency and folks on hatteras island have been ordered to evacuate. earl is a large and powerful category 4 storm with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. after earl strikes north carolina, it is expected to move north but will likely stay offshore. a hurricane warning is in effect from north carolina to the virginia border. a hurricane watch from delaware and also includes martha's vineyard. kim brown is in kill devil island with more. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning. earl
've had reports of tropical storm force winds on some of these outer banks regions of north carolina. mostly what we've seen are wind gusts approximately 50 to around 70 miles an hour. still, a huge system that is battering the coast. now, the residents of north carolina have not seen a hurricane lash the coast in several years. the last couple years we've seen tropical storms that have affected the coastline of north carolina, but what we're looking at as it makes its way toward the north and northeast, moving fairly rapidly toward cooler water, it looks like within the next 24 hours or so, this is barely going to be at hurricane intensity. until then, a very dangerous storm. we'll keep you updated. "a krch >>> larry, thank you very much. thanks for joining us, everyone. breaking news if you live from the carolinas to cape cod, stay up with us, the first big hurricane in years to threaten the east coast is getting ready to batter it. there it is, hurricane earl, somewhat weaker than it was last night but strong enough to do some damage and close enough to be felt on the outer banks
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